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With new features just about to arrive at Bearsden, this project was even more important… massive thanks are owed to Lendlease and Blackwater Construction for the saving of our rails!!!
On the 28th of October last year, Lendlease very kindly included Bearsden Freestyle in their Community Day, where each year the company sets out to help a community venture with manpower and materials. We were absolutely hyped when, alongside their Contractor partner, Blackwater Construction, they came along with both the skills, resources and ideas to help us with a long standing issue.
Our rail features at Bearsden are fantastic but expensive pieces of equipment and lack of storage area meant that we were storing them on the grass.. so rust, leaves, dirt meant we had to regularly send people (that we didn’t like) over them a few times to clean them off, or sand & rub them down each time. Lendlease and Blackwater came up with the plan to fill in a dipped area at the bottom of the slope and pack it with stone to give us a dry, draining, level area to store them.
This was all completed in a day and we have to give a huge shout out to Eammon McInerney the MD of Blackwater and David McIntyre their site foreman who made it all happen on the day! None of this would have been possible without the amazing help and input of Scott Kerrigan and Richard Jenkins from Lendlease, so if any of you see either of them at the club, buy them a drink and say thanks!
There will be some footage released once we have the new rail and box in place, and we hope Blackwater and Lendlease enjoy seeing the small kids, and big kids, playing on them…
Cheers guys!!!

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