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Neil Burke

With new features just about to arrive at Bearsden, this project was even more important… massive thanks are owed to Lendlease and Blackwater Construction for the saving of our rails!!!
On the 28th of October last year, Lendlease very kindly included Bearsden Freestyle in their Community Day, where each year the company sets out to help a community venture with manpower and materials. We were absolutely hyped when, alongside their Contractor partner, Blackwater Construction, they came along with both the skills, resources and ideas to help us with a long standing issue.
Our rail features at Bearsden are fantastic but expensive pieces of equipment and lack of storage area meant that we were storing them on the grass.. so rust, leaves, dirt meant we had to regularly send people (that we didn’t like) over them a few times to clean them off, or sand & rub them down each time. Lendlease and Blackwater came up with the plan to fill in a dipped area at the bottom of the slope and pack it with stone to give us a dry, draining, level area to store them.
This was all completed in a day and we have to give a huge shout out to Eammon McInerney the MD of Blackwater and David McIntyre their site foreman who made it all happen on the day! None of this would have been possible without the amazing help and input of Scott Kerrigan and Richard Jenkins from Lendlease, so if any of you see either of them at the club, buy them a drink and say thanks!
There will be some footage released once we have the new rail and box in place, and we hope Blackwater and Lendlease enjoy seeing the small kids, and big kids, playing on them…
Cheers guys!!!

woodsyJames Woods successful Mad Dogs and Englishmen Tour Highlights have just dropped here!  See the crew hitting Bearsden (first of course!) here on Woodsy’s Instagram to get a first taste of dryslope for some,  then Castleford and Tamworth Domes… Was fantastic to host the guys and hoping they will come back! Riders were James Woods, Jossi and Wacko Wells, Noah Morrison, Vinnie Gagnier, Jonas Hunziker,  and McRae Williams.

After the exciting win of both the Ski and Snowboard categories of Championship Ski and Snowboard, the Bearsden Freestyle team were invited down to The Telegraph Ski Show to be presented with the prize money and to demo on the huge 50ft kicker built at the show. See it here!

Bearsden SnowboardBearsden SkiWith the minibus,  some road trip bad chat, worse jokes and a scoot through London on Boris Bikes, the team arrived in time to pick up the two £2000 cheques, shred the impressive mound of snow and snowflex that was Mount Battersea, and still made it back in time to watch Still Game! The rock and roll lifestyle of a freestyle athlete.


Mount BatterseaA huge thanks to all the other clubs and riders, you all killed it! Massive thanks to British Ski and Snowboard, GB Park and Pipe, and all of the Sponsors. Really looking forward to next year!

GB Park and Pipe
BSS Logo

woodsyStarting his UK tour off at Bearsden on Sunday, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods will shred our slope alongside other greats from freestyle skiing, Jossi Wells, Vincent Gagnier Noah Morrison Jonas Hunziker Wacko Wells.. it promises to be a banger of a night! Onslope from 6pm-8pm with signing posters and chat in the bar afterwards. There will be some pizza (if you get to it quick) and it’s free to members to come along a ride next to them, £10 to non-members – please contact the office to book! http://www.skibearsden.co.uk/

See the Facebook event for more details or Monster Energy

nmp-scottish-indoors-2016-378Last weekend saw the 1st event of the new Snowsport Scotland Park and Pipe Triple Crown, the Scottish Indoor Freestyle Championships, and we boasted podium places in all categories! As usual, there was a great atmosphere amongst all competitors, from all over Scotland, including Aberdeen Freestyle, Hillend and Bellahouston,  as well as some very welcome visitors from Down South. Held at Snow Factor on Saturday 10th September,  Bearsden Freestyle had a good number of athletes taking part, including many members of GB Park and Pipe squads. In a best of two run qualifiers the two run finals for both Snowboarding and Skiing, the competition was held over a park only built in the nick of time owing to the piste bashers in Snow Factor suffering mechanical failure before the event. Despite this issue, the Snow Factor Park team worked late into the night, giving a technical park (if not as huge as they can build) , forcing the riders to become even more creative in their lines and tricks.

Scottish Indoor Slopestyle Open 2016 at Snow Factor, Glasgow, UK. © Neil MacGrain {iptcyear4}. All Rights Reserved. www.neilmacgrain.com

The Snowboarding podiums saw Hollie Smith landing a nice 360 as well as 180 out of the rails to take 2nd place in the U16  Female. Lewis Moore with Cork7 and 180 on and pretzel 180 out the rail in 1st place in the U16 male, Leon Drynan recently joined us taking 3rd in the same category also with a sick 7. Ciaran Tucker took 2nd in the Open and Overall, with some nice upside down work, corked spins, all landed solidly with NO trailing hands – as well as techie spins to boardslide on the rails.

Scottish Indoor Slopestyle Open 2016 at Snow Factor, Glasgow, UK. © Neil MacGrain {iptcyear4}. All Rights Reserved. www.neilmacgrain.com

In the Skiing, Olivia Burke took 2nd in the U16 and Overall with a 540 and switch onto rail features, while the boys from Bearsden dominated, taking all Podiums in Open and Overall as well as two in the U12. Chris McCormick showing k’feds, switch onto rails and a tweaked out mute cork7 took 1st while Harris ‘Bambi’ Booth 2nd stomped a big Cork9 as well as k’feds at the top, with ‘Stylie Kylie’ Jenkins in 3rd place, with switch on, lip, and stylish 5. In the U16 Callum Morrans  superman frontie as well as tech lip on rails gave him 1st place, Ronan McLaren 2nd with a switch 3 and stylish 5 as well as solid rails and 3rd for Fraser McMillan with a very cool blunt 3. The U12’s saw Flynn Abu Rajab land a very nice solid grabbed 360 for 2nd place with Tom Cummings his team mate take 3rd with some good corrie p and big rail grinds.

All the other Bearsden riders managed to put down some good tricks if not getting their whole runs as they wanted but their was a good buzz around the whole team and all other competitors. Well done to Snowsport Scotland, Snow Factor team and all the riders.. look forward to next year!

Photo’s Courtesy of Neil MacGrain

Scottish Indoor Slopestyle Open 2016 at Snow Factor, Glasgow, UK. © Neil MacGrain {iptcyear4}. All Rights Reserved. www.neilmacgrain.com

img_4392Scottish Indoor Slopestyle Open 2016 at Snow Factor, Glasgow, UK. © Neil MacGrain {iptcyear4}. All Rights Reserved. www.neilmacgrain.com

Scottish Indoor Slopestyle Open 2016 at Snow Factor, Glasgow, UK. © Neil MacGrain {iptcyear4}. All Rights Reserved. www.neilmacgrain.com


gob big chrisIts been great to see so many athletes coming up on a Sunday during the summer, both to film for CSS and also to just ride with their friends.. but now training is back on Wednesdays and Sundays as normal! The full events calendar will be posted soon but look forward to seeing many of you at the Scottish Indoor Championships on Saturday. A fair few GB Park and Pipe riders coming, so bring your best game!

On the CSS, Bearsden have had a number of great results, and are currently sitting in top position in Snowboarding, and with it being so close in the Skiing table at the moment it all comes down to this last round against Hemel..

go big specThe world’s premier Dryslope freestyle jam (not sure we can prove that, but who can?!) went off last Saturday with a huge bunch of bangers – and a couple of crashes! The event, run again by the McCormick Family (Matt said I had to say it was mostly him…) attracted a large number of quality sponsors, and we have to say a massive thank you again to Freeze Pro Shop for stepping up as the main one. The level of prizes were in keeping with the level of tricks being thrown down, and as Hawk our MC said.. we might need a bigger jump for a few of them.. Crazy 9’s, 10’s and there were even doubles being tried!

Alongside many of the top athletes from all over the UK, we also had a number of the GB Park and Pipe team attending, obviously as organiser, Matt McCormick, as Judge in the case of the very cool Anna Vincenti, as prize awarders in the totally ripping it Murray Buchan and bright star Katie Ormerod,  as well Rowan Coultas…who basically ate pizza.


gobig fin

The Snowboarders went first in the qualifying Jam, with not many holding back, back 9’s, rodeos and more than one or two flips in the first few runs. 15 males and 6 female snowboarders went through to the semi final jam before being again whittled down to the top 4 in both categories.

The head to head format that takes place in the finals provided a massive buzz for both the spectators and the riders, best of three runs in the 1st heat, then the same for the 2nd heat for a battle between Fin Bremner and Marc “Gladis” McClement for 1st and 2nd and Ciaran Tucker and Cam Welsh for 3rd and 4th. A nail biting finish saw Fin, who had thrown some massive rodeo 9’s earlier, take the win, Marc in 2nd, very close to landing a double during the comp. Also a fantastic performance from our Bearsden Athlete, Ciaran Tucker landing a back 9, in 3rd place in the open category.

Some more impressive results from Bearsden Athletes with Lewis Moore taking 1st place in the Under 12’s, Bradie Zimmer Frame (not really….) taking 2nd in the ladies and Jordan Rose 2nd in the 13-16.


gob big chrisThe ski competition was just as intense with cork 7’s and 9’s aplenty in the 1st round of Jam’s, not to mention many of the female skiers stepping it up this year with front flips, and 5’s and even a 7.

Again 15 males went through and 6 females to the second session before 4 finalists were chosen for each main category. The ski head to head battles were another great battle, with Chris McCormick throwing a 1080 as well as his ultra stylish cork 9 truck, massive tricks from Justin Taylor Tipton gave him 2nd overall, and 1st in the 13-16’s,  with Bearsden rider Harris Booth 2nd in the Open , also inverting with huge rodeos. Grant Donald’s steezy rodeo was good enough for 3rd spot but all riders were pulling out huge tricks both switch and regular.

In the ladies comp, all of the girls in the final were impressing with spins from the big kicker. Molly Fitzpatrick landed a big 720 to take the win from Bearsden skier Olivia Burke in 2nd,  landing 540’s, with Lara Shaw taking 3rd with a very solid 3 and Ella Taylor Tipton also spinning big in 4th.

go big podium


The Bearsden athletes showed some great progression throughout the day, with Ronan McLaren and Callum Morrans going for and getting 900’s giving 2nd place to Callum in the 13-16’s and also young Bearsden skier Tom Cummings took 3rd in the under 12’s.

The rail jam that takes place between the main events is a firm favourite with all riders and spot prizes were thrown to all and sundry for style tricks, technical tricks, brave tricks.. and impressive bails.

A massive thanks to the sponsors again, can all been seen here as well as pictures and full results on the Go Big or Go Home Facebook page. Hope to see you all at the Aberdeen leg of Go Big on the 30th of July!

Photos from Lewis McLean.

gboghRemember! Its the biggest dryslope event in the universe! (as long as no legal confirmation or proof of that has to be obtained…) This year the number of quality sponsors and prizes is off the hook.. see the Facebook page for timings and event details.

IMG_3068K-Jam is a fantastic Dryslope Competition at Kendal Snowsport’s dark coloured snowflex slope, and this year it was bigger than ever! Only a few of the Bearsden Athletes attended K-Jam this year but there was a big turnout from the UK Freestyle community, with a large number of the GB Development Squad competing. Despite the caliber of athletes, or because of it, it was a friendly, fun vibe, with riders competing in a full Jam format, everyone had plenty of slope time and inventive tricks were kicking off in all age groups and discipline.  Img_3070

All categories had serious competition in them though, and bigger numbers than we often see, but fortunately Bearsden still managed to take two podiums. Olivia Burke was 3rd in the female under 16’s and Jordan Rose took 2nd in Male Snowboard. Congratulations to all riders for their steeze and making it a great day. 

Huge well done to Kendal Snowsports for the event and look forward to seeing you next time!

gboghOn June 18th 2016 the biggest Freestyle Dryslope event in the country (lets face it probably the world..) is back! Go Big Or Go Home attracts top freestyle athletes from both disciplines from all over the country, with previous winners including GB Park and Pipe athletes such as Matt McCormick and even Olympians such as Murray Buchan. Go to the website or facebook page to find out more and Register. Look forward to seeing you all there!


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