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This winter of massive snowfalls saw an interesting time in Laax, Switzerland, the mecca of Freestyle Snowsports in Europe. With many of the main GB team training there all season, including a number of our own from Bearsden, they had to contend with many low vis days, closed parks and powder days throughout the season… but this didn’t stop them putting down some huge tricks with progression shown across the board. In snowboarding, Matt McCormick competed on the World Cup scene with some great results as well as being on the full team, with a journey to PyeongChang  as Olympic reserve this year.  Ciaran Tucker had a great season in Laax, stepping up and landing both way doubles on the huge Laax prolline. Our skiers Chris McCormick and Harris Booth, also on the World Cup scene, absolutely killed it, spinning various doubles both regular and switch. Enough to make them dominate in the Brits Slopestyle, with Chris taking top spot and Harris 3rd overall. Earlier in the season, poor Kyle Jenkins was critical inches off landing a road gap, resulting in a season ending smashed heel. It is healing well now and look to see Kyle back next year!

As well as bringing home a number of medals right across the board, our younger athletes also showed huge progression this year, with a number of them going out to Laax for a week Pathway camp before the week of The Brits Freestyle Champions. In snowboarding, Leon Drynan and Lewis Moore both hit the Pro Jump in training landing back 9’s, as well as spinning 7’s on the Mediums in competition. Leon took 2nd U16 Slopestyle with Lewis taking 3rd, and Lewis also taking 3rd U16 in Big Air with Leon in 4th. Fraser Jamieson made his first visit out, and as well as tweaking a nice method out for the GB P&P Photographer, Fraser took 2nd in the U16s in Halfpipe. Lara Carbrera also stepped up in training progression, with a back board pretzel on a rail in P60 as well as taking 2nd U16 Slopestyle and 1st U16 Halfpipe. Holly Smith had a great time in Snowboard Cross, taking 1st in the U16’s but then later in week had an unfortunate incident after her 1st slopestyle run, breaking her collar bone. All operated on there and now healing well.

In skiing Olivia and Luke Burke also hit the big jumps in the Pro line in training and both did 7’s on the mediums in Competition, giving Olivia 2nd in the U16s in Big Air, Halfpipe and Slopestyle, as well as 2nd Overall in Slopestyle and 3rd overall in Big Air and Halfpipe. After a crash, a visit to hospital and a couple of days off in the 1st week, Luke came back to place 4th U16s in Big Air, Halfpipe and Slopestyle. On his first trip out, Flynn Abu Rajab did really well to hit the big park, spinning a nice 3 off the medium jump despite his knees giving him some issues over the last months with growing pains.

We even had a representation of 3 Bearsden “Masters” this year (using that term very loosely..) with fast ex President Gerry McCormick getting through to the final and coming 4th in a very full and competitive Skiercross. Freestyle Conveyor Neil Burke managed the hat-rick with 1st place in Big Air, Halfpipe and Slopestyle and Rashid Abu Rajab in his 1st Brits taking 2nd in Slopestyle! Fortunately these 3 have real jobs and are not relying on this as a career…

Photos courtesy of Craig Robinson Bluebird Photography, please see all galleries on Facebook here with full results

Well done to everyone for pushing it and coming back with new tricks and skills.. ready to bring it on for Championship Ski and Snowboard this summer!

Chris McCormick - Stubai

With this season’s training back in full swing at Bearsden on the dryslope, some of our big boy team athletes have spreading their love around the world on snow already, with GB Park and Pipe training in Stubai and early World Cup competitions kicking off pre Olympics in February. Matt and Chris McCormick both sessioned Stubai early this season before Matt competed in Big Air competitions and Chris competed in the Freeski Slopestyle World Cup in Stubai over last weekend. Chris landed a fantastic run including back to back doubles on the huge kickers, finishing 11th in his strong qualifier, narrowly missing finals, but still finishing as the highest placed British male in this event.

Matt McCormick - Drop in Milan

a stoked Matt McCormick - Milan

Brother Matt has been absolutely sending it over the massive Snowboard Big Air setups in both Milan earlier this month and in Beijing on Friday. In Italy, Matt landed a huge and techie cab 12 ( for the oldies, that’s a going backwards 3 and a half full rotations) to finish 7th in his qualifier with a world level score of 73.


Closer to home, some of the team were invited down to the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard show in London at the end of October, with Lewis Moore riding demo’s from the Thursday on the big 50 foot kicker built in Battersea Park, before stomping some backflips and a 900 in the Brits competition on the Friday night, leading to the other riders giving him their medals! Both he and Olivia Burke competed in the Big Air Event on the Saturday, with Olivia spinning big 3’s and 5’s off the steep kicker for her to take home some prize money for 3rd. Luke Burke competed in the Planks Grassroots Rail Jam, getting through to Finals and all of the riders competed in the London Ride on the kicker the next day.

Lewis Moore - The Brits London

Olivia Burke - Big Air London Photo: Ski the Kingdom

Luke Burke - Rail Jam London Photo: Ski the Kingdom

London Photos: Ski the Kingdom.

Roll on the Winter!


So, after weeks of basking in the Scottish summer sunshine, the second year of Championship Ski and Snowboard competition (run for GB Park and Pipe) is over.. with the Award evening last Friday, Bearsden have smashed it for a second time, winning both categories again! You can watch all of our matches here.

A new concept last year devised by the GB Park and Pipe team and British Ski and Snowboard, the competition is held over the summer, with freestyle teams from all over the country pitted against each other,  submitting videos of a team of four, each member performing 3 types of trick. The comp runs for five rounds and Bearsden Ski and Snowboard teams worked hard each time, coming up with new and creative ways to show off the talent coming out of our program.  In a definite up levelled competition from last year, Bearsden again took the honours, with as well as team wins, some individual awards as well as very high placed individual rankings.

From the Freestyle Ski team, Chris McCormick swept up a heap of awards, taking  highest ranked skier spot as well as individual wins of Most Valuable player, Highest single match score, and best rail trick with an unbelievable underflip ONTO a rail, then spinning 270 degrees off it.  Murray Buchan took the honours for us with best execution trick, a huge and creative flair, stall 180 on the quarter pipe, but also showing that this Olympic pipe rider is multi talented, with huge rail tricks and a switch 1080 on the kicker. Olivia Burke finished 2nd overall female, spinning huge 720 and 540’s throughout. Her brother, Luke Burke, took 2nd overall Young Gun (under 15) landing 720 and switch 540’s and both siblings showed impressive ex tricks each round, including Luke sliding a rail combo with a 90 degree turn and Olivia spinning onto the transfer line with a 180 on switch 180 off. Fantastic stylish and technical riding from the whole team, with amazing scoring rounds also shown by Harris Booth who rode in the early stages, showing mega control with a backflip, late 180 to land as well easily stomped corks and rodeos. Ronan McClaren completed the series in the last round, switch 720 nailed and also landing a huge stall on the box on top of the quarterpipe and 180’ing out… after some pole dancing!

The Snowboarders did not hang about either! Full GB Team member, Matt McCormick showing his technical brilliance taking the highest scored Kicker trick with a stylie switch back 900, amongst other huge corks and massive rail gap combos. As well as massive corked hardway spins on the kicker, big brother Danny McCormick wowed everyone with his amazing”out of the box” Ex tricks, including landing his snowboard onto a ski-skateboard, riding down the slope and then back flipping off it! Danny also finished 2nd overall in the rankings.  Lewis Moore laid down a big challenge and won it, taking not just highest ranked Young Gun but also highest ranked overall, pushing it each round, and going upside down different ways each time as well as stomping cork 7’s and a front 9, and playing with gap ons and different rail combos to show his depth. Hollie Smith also stepped up and finished overall 3rd Female, pushing it each time, neatly grabbing her 360 as well as some 1 footed rail play, and plenty of ex trick variation and style! Ciaran Tucker took 3rd over all ranking, corking huge spins as well as crazily jumping onto and over the barrier between the two slopes, and despite showing us one of the best rail bails ever, he showed his mastery on different setups and spins both ways on features. Bradie Zimmer-Collins also threw into the mix for us incredibly well in round 2 with a nice switch 3 and 180 out of a rail.

Well done to the whole Championship Ski and Snowboard team who worked hard on this amazing project, from Josie, project manager to Hamish the Inventor (I’m sure that is his CBeebies name..) the Judges, and GB Park and Pipe and British Ski and Snowboard. Massive shout out to the sponsors, TSA, Ellis Brigham and Delancey for providing the huge prize pots and allowing all the riders to shred for free on Friday!

A huge thanks to all the parents, team mates and coaches who gave up their spare time to film, cajole, beg, cry and encourage the riders through these efforts, it really does involve the whole team and not just the riders at the time. Special thanks to Head Coach, Neil McGrain and also Matt, Danny and Chris McCormick, for sorting the footage as well as supporting the riders in their trick development. Its been emotional!


It is all happening down under in New Zealand for Bearsden’s top athletes. The NZ Winter games is hosting an FIS World Cup event and both Chris McCormick and Harris Booth are competing in it. Competitors from all over the world will be competing at this Olympic qualifying event so it really is fantastic to see these guys performing on such a big world stage.

Also down in Cadrona Alpine Resort  are Matt McCormick, Kyle Jenkins, Murray Buchan, Anna Vincenti and a few other current and ex Bearsden riders. Follow what they are up to on Instagram and Facebook! (links below)

Anna Vincenti https://www.instagram.com/anna_vincenti/

Murray Buchan https://www.instagram.com/murraybuchan/

Matt McCormick https://www.instagram.com/mattymccormick/

Chris McCormick https://www.instagram.com/mccormickchris/

Kyle Jenkins https://www.instagram.com/kyle_jenkins321/

Harris Booth https://www.instagram.com/hagman5/


Now the summer season and filming for CSS (Championship Ski and Snowboard) is in full swing, it is a common sight to see the odd disgruntled parent clutching a GoPro (other action cameras are available) under an Umbrella whilst a team member throws themselves into various shapes off the kicker, or builds crazy link up rails to go one better on an execution trick..

As last year’s winners in both Ski and Snowboard, Bearsden have been strong contenders in the 1st two rounds and are currently in the lead, but some fantastic riding from the other teams throughout the country means that this competition is by no means a dead cert! The level has been raised by every team this year and the rounds have been incredible to watch.

Get on over to CSS website to see Bearsden’s entries and fantastic round up’s from Olympic Athlete Murray Buchan and Ed Leigh, a Brits Master of course, although he may be more famous for something else too..

..and if you see a parent on the slope, crying in the rain, please throw chocolate or coffee

Another ace day for Bearsden’s Go Big or Go Home last month seeing riders come from all over the country for the World’s biggest dry ski slope freestyle competition* (*source verified by.. em.. us..) Fantastic Sponsorship from the industry and we can’t thank them all enough (see full sponsor list)

With the day starting off with an open jam session for the Boarders followed by the skiers open jam, riders progressed through to a jam semi finals followed by the infamous head to head finals. These are judged pitting the top 4 riders from each category against each other for 1st to 4th placings.

The boarders finals showed some real creative stuff, 7’s and 9’s aplenty, finishing off with final runs showing tweaked 180’s – making the judges job even harder with tech versus style.

The skiers did not disappoint either, with the judging of the top places being difficult tracking the corks, inverts and various grabs to award placings in the strong field!

Well done and thanks to riders from all over, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and lots of friends from Englandshire – especially Stoke .


Bearsden riders had a great showing with Podiums for Boarders Bradie Zimmer-Collins, Lewis Moore and Ciaran Tucker, and Skiers Olivia Burke, Luke Burke, Ronan McLaren, Callum Morrans and Chris McCormick.

Massive thanks to the whole McCormick clan as usual (Gerry, Alison, Louise, Danny, Matt and Chris) – they know how to put on a show!


Photos Courtesy of Lewis McClean – FreezePro

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The annual salary for this post will be circa £25,000 depending on your experience and qualifications. This is a full permanent post and is subject to funding.
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See http://snowsportscotland.org/about-us/news/news-in-snowsports/snowsport-scotland-park-pipe-programme-coach-0 for the job description.

If you would like an informal discussion about this post please contact Ross Gardner, SSS National Performance Manager, on 0131 625 4405 or by email: ross@snowsportscotland.org
SSS is an Equal Opportunities employer.

new toys!

The fantastic award of money from the GB Park and Pipe competition won by Bearsden Freestyle has been partially spent … In a mega cool way! So after some heavy lifting, wiggling and tying the rails down in the van, the new toys have arrived at Bearsden! From great supplier, Scandinavia Shapers, the new rookie box, accessible for all, and the techier donkey kick rail are in place already!

Thanks to Ellis Brigham and Snowboard Asylum for sponsoring and GB Park and Pipe & BSS for organising… Look forward to this year’s Championship Ski and Snowboard comp again!!

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