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Bearsden Freestyle team has a number of athletes in the GB Park and Pipe team and extended junior development Squad. Here are a few of our top athletes:

Matt McCormick

A local boy, Matt has been riding with his brothers at Bearsden since he was 9. With many wins at National level, and having progressed up through the GB Junior squads, Matt is now a member of the senior Snowboard squad. Finishing school year with 5 A’s, Matt is now training abroad regularly with the GB Team, Laax in the winter and southern hemisphere in the summer.

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 Kyle Jenkins

Kyle started off snowboarding before converting to skiing and has brought his unique style to the Bearsden slope as well as the mountains. Kyle is based in Laax over the winter and has competed in the World Juniors.

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 Chris McCormick

As the youngest of the McCormick clan, Chris has chosen Skis as his means to shred and has won titles at all of the major national competitions. Chris is a member of the GB Junior Park and Pipe squad and regularly trains in the UK and abroad with the team. Finishing school also with 5 A’s, Chris is now studying Physics at university. Chris has also had a place in the FIS Europa Cup team for GB and is competing in World Cup this year.

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Harris Booth

From Edinburgh, Harris trained at Hillend when he was younger, then joining Bearsden to enjoy the bigger kicker and features there. Harris has had many wins and podiums at National Competitions and also joining Chris in the FIS Europa Cup last year. Harris also trains regularly both here and internationally with the GB Squad.

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