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NMP-bearsden-freestyle-snowflex-uk-matt-mccormick-quarterpipe-air-to-fakieProgramme Philosophy

Bearsden Freestyle will provide the tools, support and environment for our athletes to become passionate, lifelong snowsports enthusiasts.

We will support our athletes to achieve the full potential in snowsports and become well developed in all areas of their lives, personally, athletically and academically.


We encourage all athletes to take part in a number of different sports to increase physical literacy, which supports their athletic development. It is an effort-orientated programme where athletes can use the skills learned to continue their own development out-with coach contact time. In order to develop talent in snowsports, and in any area of life, then individuals will need to work hard and overcome challenges along the way. Each athlete develops at different rates and needs time to acquire the skills to make them feel comfortable, before developing the difficulty of the task.

Development Team – £150

Under 10’s to Under 14’s. Wednesday 6.30 – 8pm.

The Stunt DitchThis is a fundamental skills level program looking to develop athletes who have an interest in freestyle skiing and snowboarding. All athletes should be able to use the jump slope at Bearsden unsupervised and have a desire to improve their skills at the club and other facilities in the UK. They should be comfortable hitting the small jump and able to make controlled parallel / skidded turns on the main slope.

There is no competition requirement, however it would be expected that athletes are starting to get involved with the schools and local club events to build their experience of competitions.

Sunday training is optional for the Development Team and if included will cost an extra £75.


Competition Team – £225

Under 16’s to Under 18’s. Wednesday 8-10pm & Sunday 4-6pm

NMP-bearsden-freestyle-snowflex-uk-japan-fsThis is a program for athletes who wish to, or are already competing at Scottish and British level events. It is expected that athletes will have already developed a passion & commitment to the sport out with coaching contact and want to maximise their training time. Athletes should be prepared to work on all areas of their performance and aspire to move their freestyle skiing and snowboarding to the European mountain environment.

Athletes on the Competition Team will be expected to be competing at the Scottish events and should be moving on to the English and British Championships too. There will be European training camps available and the additional Snow Factor & cross training sessions are strongly recommended.

Athletes should be able to spin multiple directions* off the big jump at Bearsden and slide a variety of rails and boxes with confidence.

* Snowboard – Frontside, Backside, Cab, Switch Back

* Freeski – Left, Right, Switch Left, Switch Right

Younger athletes may be invited to train with the competition team at the discretion of the coaches. This is based on skill level and athlete / parent commitment to the sport.

Training runs on Wednesdays and Sundays from the start of September until the end of May and generally follows the East Dunbartonshire school holidays.

A gymnastics program will also be running as the main cross training to develop air awareness and strength & conditioning. It is expected that all Competition Team athletes will be committing to this part of the program to increase their athletic capabilities. In addition there will be trampoline and cross training sessions set up by the coaches at convenient times and parents will be informed directly of the dates by email.

Included in the cost for both teams are 2 snow buses (conditions permitting) to Scottish Mountain Resorts during the winter training block and coaching at the specified dates in the calendar below.


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