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Freestyle – the future of winter snowsports!

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The Club supports a thriving and rapidly expanding Freestyle Section with some of the most advanced practice facilities in the UK.

Bearsden Freestyle will provide the tools, support and environment for our athletes to become passionate, lifelong snowsports enthusiasts.

We will support our athletes to achieve the full potential in snowsports and become well developed in all areas of their lives, personally, athletically and academically.

Riders can progress their skills on the table-top jump, large kicker, quarter pipe and a wide selection of rails suitable for all ages and abilities.

A National Coaching Programme has been developed under the auspices of Neil MacGrain and the Club attracts interest from skiers and snowboarders of all abilities, and is currently offering dedicated training sessions for Development and Competition athletes every week.

The Club’s Freestyle facilities are recognised as a UK centre of excellence and regularly host national competitions as well as local Club Championships.

At Bearsden Ski and Snowboard club, introductory blocks of freestyle are also offered, so skiers and boarders can give freestyle a try, learn some basic skills, and progress on to joining Bearsden Freestyle. If you are interested, please contact the Club or fill in our contact form!


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